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welcome to the website about Wouter Snoei. On this site information can be found about his compositions and other music projects.

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Tactile, CD release

Op 25 april 2009 Wouter Snoei released Tactile. This CD contains a selection of electronic and electro-acoustic work from the past 12 years. It was released by Muziekcentrum Nederland and BVHaast. The cd is sold in record stores, concerts with Wouter Snoei and at the BVHaast online store.Track list:

  1. Elasticity (2004) 10:20
    for solo live electronics
    Wouter Snoei, live electronics
  2. Disintegration (1998) 13:30
    four-track tape
  3. Circular Motion (2008) 9:48
    for violin, tenor saxophone, percussion, live electronics
    Ensemble Intégrales
  4. Pulse (2003) 9:54
    for solo live electronics
    Wouter Snoei, live electronics
  5. Consequence (1996) 9:00
    eight-track tape
  6. Particles (2007) 10:09
    for oboe, soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, live electronics
    Calefax Reed Quintet. Wouter Snoei, live electronics
The text in the CD-booklet was written by Konrad Boehmer.


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